ул. Большая Морская, дом 3−5
БЦ «Лидваль», офис 302
8 (981) 973 34 08 Анна
8 (921) 398 56 41 Николай
8 (921) 424 88 31 Александра

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от Николая Медведева — по психологии
от Анны Базовкиной — по саморазвитию

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About our company
Professional photography, setting organization, professional photo processing
My name is Courtney and I am a photographer based in Berlin. I specialise on portraits, studio photography and documentary photography.
We are cute
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Max Holden
Founder & Art Director
Max invented our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He has founded first core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in work process.
Lucy Good
Design Director
Julia takes care of everything you can see. She spent five years in London learning visual communication. She uses her knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.
Eva Stark
Customers Support
Eva is the voice of our brand. She spends hours to make our clients feel care and enjoy communication with the company. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can write her.
Gear and services
We assist and support our clients to develop their business fast and successfully
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Название компании:
ИП Колосова Александра Николаевна
ИНН 143528206194
ОГРН 318784700277542

+7 (921) 424-88-31 (Александра)
+7 (921) 398-56-41 (Николай)
+7 (981) 973-34-08 (Анна)

БЦ Лидваль
Большая Морская ул., 3-5, оф. 302